Layla Le Lay

Founder, Producer, Artist

She's a little bit curvy and a whole lot of purvy. Layla has been whipping her way through Edmonton and beyond. This wild child is both powerful and playful. When she is not slaying the stage she is out in her community encouraging change through empowerment workshops and yoga. Take a walk on the wildside and brace yourself, because here comes Layla

Kidd Crimson

Resident Burlesque Magician, Artist

Also known as “The Vaudevillian of Burlesque”, Kidd Crimson is a theater clown extraordinaire. When we was young he ran away to join the circus and now joins Black Label Burlesque. Performing with singers and dancers, magic makers to burlesque shakers he has learned a lot along the way. Full of personality on stage and in the streets, Kidd entertains wherever he goes. Performing magic, singing songs, and telling a good story (or two) are just some of the tools at his disposal, and charming audiences is his game.

Betsy Ryder

Founder, Social Media, Artist

Besty has been on the dancing stage for most of her life with a strong hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, and ballet background she brings a special twist in her routines that are sure to put a smile to your face and bring the twinkle out in your eyes. Her burlesque career began the late summer of 2014 where she joined the Cherry Girls to perform weekly shows at the Yellowhead Casino. The casino troupe branched out to the Edmonton and Calgary burlesque communities to help fill solo spots and this is how she met River City Revue, Betsy felt instantly drawn to the group and wanted to dive deeper into the Edmonton world of burlesque so she auditioned and became and RCR member for 2 years! Now Betsy has branched out from all her great roots to become a co-founder of Black Label Burlesque! She went from the sweet girl next door to the sweet girl that has a dirty little secret.

Chad and Dre

Photographers and Founders

Vintage Photography brings back the vintage style of Pin-Up, Rockabilly, Old Hollywood Glamour & Film Noir photography to Edmonton. Our photographers honor the 1940's and 50's with an appreciation of the stylefashionhair and make-up. Our creative and vintage inspired photographs look like they have come right out of the era.  Our pin-up photography pays respect to the likes of Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas with innocent expressions, clothing in artful disarray and a cartoony painted finish.  Our glamour photography is inspired by Old Hollywood mashed with high fashion and editorial influences.  Transform into a nostalgic, playful or sultry character and receive a one-of-a-kind piece of fine art with Vintage Photography! ​ 


Edmonton, AB, Canada

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